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Standard Sizes Available

Flush Mounted Deck

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Non Slip Aluminum

Knurled Decking

Large Pin Seawall

Mount Connector

Gangways & Floating Docks

Aluminum Gangways are Our Specialty

Our all welded, aluminum gangways are available in lengths from 8’ to 80’ and widths up to 8’. Whether you’re looking for an affordable gangway for your home, a commercial aluminum gangway for your marina or heavy duty aluminum gangways for an industrial setting, G&A Manufacturing has a model to meet your needs.

Whether replacing an existing pier or building new, G&A Manufacturing aluminum gangways for pier applications are practical, affordable and environmentally friendly. Aluminum piers can span longer distances than the traditional wooden piers thus allowing for the elimination of support structures, saving money and impact on the delicate marine environment.

3’ X 12’

4’ X 12’

3’ X 16’

4’ X 16’

3’ X 20’

4’ X 20’

3’ X 22’

4’ X 22’

3’ X 24’

4’ X 24’

3’ X 26’

4’ X 26’

3’ X 30’

4’ X 30’

Dock Flip-Up